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The deluxe models only carry the cinch and strap carrying bag. All other models carry a simple nylon bag that zips up. In the past the cinch and strap bags were included in all models. To help bring costs down on some models the simple nylon bag was substituted as some customers would prefer a lower price and regular bag. All deluxe models such as 6010 and 6014 include the nicer strap bag at no extra cost.


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Date 3/3/2014

This is great blog. An excellent read. I'll definitely be back.


Date 6/24/2015

Although the nylon bags which comes with lower models too works fine but if someone would really want to have a complete experience, then one must go with one of the Deluxe tents from Kodiak. The cinch and strap bag which comes bundled with the Deluxe tent(s) is of unbelievable quality and offers exceptional comfort and flexibility. It is all but worth it in the end.


Date 7/16/2015

Very helpful post! This definitely made it easier for me to choose from one of your many awesome tents. If the one I choose does not come with a cinch and strap bag it won't be a deal breaker but it is always a nice additional feature!


Date 8/22/2016

Thanks for your comments!

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