Where Is Kodiak Flex Bow Tents Located?

Posted by Administrator on 3/26/2014
We are located in Utah and most of the tents ship from Salt Lake City. We also offer local pickup from the Salt Lake Warehouse. Expedited shipping options are also an option. For a list of other businesses in Salt Lake City check out: http://slsites.com


Date 11/12/2014
Great... I'm ordering one. Can you tell me how many days will you take to ship the tent to Minnesota and will you give any demo or something after delivery? Thanks!
Date 6/24/2015
It generally takes about a week for delivery when they are in stock. Check out the YouTube videos for demonstrations.
Date 7/16/2015
I might be ordering some very soon! Your tents all look awesome so I am sure no matter what choice I make I will be pleased. Helpful post!

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