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Vestibule Wing 1601 for Kodiak 10-ft Canvas Tents
Vestibule Wing 1601 for Kodiak 10-ft Canvas Tents

Vestibule Wing 1601 for Kodiak 10-ft Canvas Tents

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Kodiak polyester denier cloth tent vestibule accessory for sale. Save money when ordering it with the Kodiak 10x10 tent.
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made of polyester denier cloth
attaches to flap awning of Kodiak 10x10 tents
compatible with all Kodiak 10x10 Flex-Bow tents

Vestibule Wing 1601 for Kodiak 10-ft Canvas Tents

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Please note that you must add two additional grommets to the awning of the tent to attach this accessory.

The wing vestibule accessory will enhance your awning leisure area by providing additional shade, and protection from wind and rain.

Tent sold separately. This 0601 listing is only for the vestibule.

It attaches underneath the front of the awning and extends out to the ground.

Two side wings provide additional cover on the sides. It creates a nice space to store gear, put some chairs, or keep a pet. It also adds privacy if the front windows are open. Made with polyester, denier cloth.

Fits all Kodiak 10x10 Flex-Bow tents.

In order to properly install the wing vestibule you must first ensure that your Flex-bow tent has the required grommets on the end of the awning flap. You will need five grommets as illustrated in figure 1 below. The grommets are represented by the black circles and numbered 1-5. Depending on when your tent was made, and the specific model, you may be required to add two or three additional grommets.

If you do not have the required grommets kits a do-it-yourself kit can be found at a local hardware store such as Home Depot or Lowe’s. Here is the kit we recommend: <a href="</a> 

Grommets 3 and 4 should be placed 4 inches from the front edge of the awning as show below. Grommet 5 should
be in the center of the awning on the same horizontal plane as grommets 1 and 2.

Assembly of 0601 is Very Simple

1) Assemble the tent first. Tie the end of a guy rope onto each of the grommet holes 1, 2, and 5 (as numbered
in figure 1). Note that two guy ropes are included with the tent. An additional guy rope is included with this
wing vestibule accessory.
2) Join the awning ridge pole. Loosen the thumbscrew and lengthen the pole to the width of the awning. Place
the awning ridge pole across the awning uprights (included with the tent). The posts at the top of the
awning upright poles will go through the holes at the ends of the awning ridge pole. Face the thumbscrew
3) Insert the posts on the awning upright poles through their respective grommets in the top of the wing
4) Now insert the posts on the awning upright poles through grommets 3 and 4 of the tent awning flap.
5) Expand the awning ridge pole until it is taut and tighten the thumbscrew finger tight.

6) Position the 0601 wing vestibule so the bottom edge is flush to the ground and taut. Secure with stakes.
7) Secure the guy ropes with stakes. Adjust so they are taut.
8) Secure the top of the wing vestibule to the awning ridge pole with the Velcro-like strips.

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