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Kodiak Canvas Tent Versus Nylon Tent Set up Demonstration

Kodiak Wins in under Five Minutes!

I'm not trying to bash on nylon tents. For some people, depending on their settings and camping style, a nylon tent works just fine. However, after going through three nylon tents in five years I decided to invest in a Kodiak canvas tent. The first time I set it up I realized it would be the last tent I would ever need to purchase. But that's not all. I couldn't believe how quickly it went up. In fact, I kind of felt stupid because it was taking me longer than usual-I was making it more difficult than it needed to be. The engineering is genius. Check out the owner's manual to see just how easy.

I decided to create a side-by-side comparison of both tents and show how quickly they go up. The nylon tent took about 11 minutes and 46 seconds. The Kodiak tent took just under five minutes. That's not all though. The Kodiak tents doesn't require a rain fly and can be put up by one person. I had to get my daughter to help me with the nylon tent and anything that requires two people takes longer. We then put the rain fly on and we were set.

When I was putting up the nylon tent I forgot how many poles and sleeves are included. It was constantly sliding back and forth-fixing the sleeve, then sliding the pole, then fixing the sleeve etc. In contrast to that, the Kodiak tent only has four small sleeves that take just two or three seconds each. The Kodiak tent is also taller when erected. It gives you more walk around room. It definitely feels more spacious inside.

The nylon tent also have these tiny three-inch stakes. I don't know how that could possibly hold anything. In fact, stay tuned for my next video. My wife was rolling the camera when she noticed the wind blow away the nylon tent altogether. The Kodiak tent has 12 inch stakes.

In the video I only stake the four corners for simplicity and because realistically that is almost customers do anyways. It would probably have taken me another 30 seconds to put the rest in.

The other big difference is not just the space, but how you can view nature and the outside world from inside the tent.  It's very difficult to capture with the photo lens, but the no-see-um net is incredible. Your eyes don't get caught in every little square like your backyard screen door to your home. It's a very pleasant experience in contrast with the nylon tent where every little square stands out.

The demonstration shows model number 6041 VX which is a hot item and very difficult to keep in stock. The assembly is identical with any of the flexible tents. We also carry Kodiak cabin tents which are made of the same canvas, but they assemble a little differently. Check out my demonstration on the cabin tent model 6133. It shows it being assembled from beginning to end.

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