Is it normal to have a seam on the roof of the kodiak tent?

Posted by Administrator on 10/8/2011
Yes that is normal. Kodiak manufacturers them in away that takes advantage of the fabric length and size so as to eliminate waste.  The good news is we've had the seam across the ceiling for several year with zero leaking issues.  These seams are water tight, down facing lap felled, and will not leak.


Date 11/12/2014
That's exactly what I wanted to hear. Don't know if many tents in the market come with seam on the roof. But I'm glad the Kodiak ones have it. Extremely important feature which should be a must in every quality tent.
Date 11/12/2014
Kodiak makes high quality tents and have high customer satisfaction.
Date 12/31/2014
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Date 7/16/2015
I assumed as much, but my mother tends to panic if she suspects something may be wrong. Hopefully telling her that you guys said it was fine will calm her nerves!

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