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Kodiak provides a lifetime warranty on their tents.  The warranty obviously doesn't include negligence such as rolling it up when it is soaking wet (happens more often than you'd think).  They are that confident in the longevity of the Kodiak flex-bow tents that they provide such a long warranty.  Warranty calls are quite rare.  When they do get warranty claims they are quick to honor them whether it be sending a new part or sending a new tent if needed. 

My personal Kodiak tent has lasted over four years with about 10-15 days of use per year.  I haven't had a single issue and have had many boy scout troops, churches, and neighboring campers ask where I got such a hardcore tent. 



Date 11/12/2014

Truer words were never spoken. I have my Kodiak Deluxe with me which is still kicking since as long as I can remember, without giving any problems whatsoever. You rightly indicated, that it will run for ages only if we take necessary precautions, as with any other thing. Real bang for your buck tents.


Date 7/16/2015

Wow, this is pretty good! I have had bad luck with tents not lasting, but I am glad to know that this is not the case with your tents. Awesome!

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