Can I assemble the Flex Bow tent by myself?

Posted by Administrator on 10/24/2011
Yes, absolutely you can assemble a Kodiak flex bow tent by yourself without anyone's help. This does not apply to the cabin tents, but to all flex bow models. A 10x10 takes maybe 5-10 minutes to install.That's one of the major selling features. No need to ask the wife or children to help hold some pole or slide a pole through while you work on the other end.


Date 11/12/2014
Yeah, that is one of the main selling points for Kodiak tents. I agree. Most of the tents coming at this price are such a pain to assemble and literally impossible to do it on your own. The value offered by Kodiak is absolutely amazing. They have taken care of those little nuances here and there which makes them the perfect choice for everyone.
Date 7/16/2015
Very good to know! Nothing sells a product more than being able to rest assured knowing it is do it yourself. Thanks!

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