Amazing Tent, Easy Pickup

7/31/2015 by Sean


I did a local pickup for my tent at Kodiak's warehouse in Salt Lake City - I just could not wait to start using it. The process was easy. Kodiak emailed me a pickup document and driving instructions to their location. I shows up there around 1 pm (they close at 3 pm). All I had to do was go into their building and give the clerk there my name and document. She then had me sign for the item and had two warehouse workers bring it out to my vehicle.


I was concerned about the setup of the tent to start out. I have never had a tent this heavy duty before. The instructions were not overly detailed, but provided enough information for me to fumble through it. It took my wife and I 30 minutes or so this first time. Now that we know what we are doing, I bet I could do it myself in maybe 10 or 15. The main part that held us up was the initial T-Pole assembly. The instructions make it sound like on the 10x14 sizes you need to have the T-Pole sleeve slid over the two T-Poles to connect them together before the spring rods are in place. That was not the case - at least not for us. Keep the T-Poles apart, insert the spring rods and connect them into the T-Pole first, then connect the T-Poles together and slide the sleeve over the top.


Inside the tent is amazing! The tent roof is about 6.5-feet high, which gives me plenty of head room. I love the internal feature that 6041VX has as well. The gear loft and pocket organizers should help limit clutter for us on the inside. The extra triangular windows allow plenty of air flow through the tent. Outside, everything looks solid. Everything was tight after set up - no sagging or weak areas of the tent.


Have not used it yet. We are going camping next week though.

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